4 times, and counting

Yeah, so I was reading Becca’s journal, and I’m like, we have such different journals, she’ll put like what she did… I just say the big stuff. So like her journal takes a while to read (good time-passer thingy).. but mine is like really short… I’m just a loser like that. Speaking of ways I’m a loser… I have like no friends.. seriously.. I go to BRICK.. and then if I ever “hang out” with people, it’s always like Nick or Becca. It’s not even funny… well actually it is.. and I don’t really mind it.. oh well. At least I have some friends. But yeah… I really love how like whenever I lector, I absolutely love the reading I have to do. And today, I even liked the reading I didn’t read. So like the reading I did today was the first one.. Jeremiah 1:4-5,17-19.. check it out at http://www.usccb.org/nab/bible/ THat is seriously like one of the most handiest sites out there. I love it! I also like how I like always like say like. Lauren was just commenting on that. But yeah, do you see what I mean about my journal? I don’t really tell you what I do, I just tell you what I think. But maybe that’s more important. Who really cares what kind of cereal I had for breakfast, when I could be telling you about my incredible discovery of some highly important Bull stuff… ha, I like that bull stuff… yeah.. speaking of swearing, like I never swear, but then when I went to the March, I was swearing all the time… well, I was kinda crazy (girls, you should know why), but like, that’s not really an exscuse.. but like it was just popping out! I couldn’t help it! So yeah, I have to get off, and considering it’s almost 10, I think I’m going to get ready for bed… so I can dream happy dreams… cause sometimes life just sucks during the week.

There, that’s my final thought of the day.

Goodnight, I love you.


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