I’m soooo bored

So yeah… it’s tuesday.. and I should be doing some school right now, but like my mom is out, so I can ‘sneak’ on here… but yeah.

BRICK was fun last night, all the girls are so great. We had a really good discussion group I think… Theresa was there finally, and Anna was there too. So it wasn’t just me and Becca talking the whole time, like we always do. It was really freaky cause like someone called my phone and left me a voice mail, but it was no one I know. Oh, and it was so much fun drving Rachel home… and for those of you who don’t know, it was Rachel Mason, I am not talking about myself in the third person, although that is sometimes fun.. but it looks really retarded online.

So yeah, today I had retarded short story’s, but like I managed to get most of the questions done in class, so I only have a little bit of homework. And like in speech, we did this thing where we were in groups and we all had to read a quote, and vote on who did the best job reading it, and I won my group by a landslide…ha, if the kids in my class only really knew me, then they wouldn’t like me as much as they do.

Yeah, I’m like really tired now, cause I go to bed at like 11, and get up at 7.. I really need like one more hour of sleep, then I’ll be fine. I’d go and nap, but like I’m too awake now… which sucks..

I really like, wanna write, but my mom would only really let me work on the retarded essays, for scholarships that I’m never going to win. Claudia was saying that her parents made her try and win all sorts of stuff, but she didn’t actually win like anything of importance.

Yeah, so I’m really going to go and do some schoolwork, so I can maybe get it done before June. I do not want to have the same problem as last year, when I was doing english til August.


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