Hello Dearest

Ha, what a great sbject line… it’s so amusing when you type in a random letter, and it comes up with something like that.

I’m still grounded, and will be til this weekend probably. But like whatever, it’s not really that bad, it’s not like I do a whole lot anyways.

Nice thing– I got to go to BRICK yesterday. The best part of the whole night (besides all the nice affirmations of all the wonderful things I am, hehe) was talking to Becca in the van afterwards. It was honestly one of the more hillarious conversations I”ve had with someone. I really hope though, that no one standing outside could hear us, cuase that would be terribly embarrasing.

Ok, so at my cousin’s wedding this past saturday, I did some ‘deep’ thinking. And I just can’t wait to get married. It’s crazy, like my mom was telling my aunts that I could be getting married in five years, and they were all laughing and stuff, but I could be. In fact, in five years I see my self either married already, or getting ready. It’s really not that far off. You figure four years for school, plus an extra year to get a job and a house or appartment, and use that year to get ready (meet the guy… marriage prep and all that fun stuff), that’s five years. How crazy. There were some other thougths that night, but I can’t remember them, oh well.


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