bagels with cream cheese and jam

yeah, so that would be what I’m eating, although, I don’t really feel like eating, since I have been sick today and yesterday. But I feel better really I do. And the feeling better would result from several things.
1. There is soccer tonight… what more can I say?
2. Tommorrow is Valentine’s Day…again, what more could I say?
3. For some strange reason that is incomprehensible to anyone on this planet, I am extrordinarily happy… I was even happy when I was working earlier. Very odd.

So yeah.. “feeling better”… OH! There is another thing too! The groundedness from people ends tommorrow, and I can come back online for good Monday, right now, I am not sneaking on, mom said I could come on for half an hour.

So I’m going to have to go now, and get ready for the game, even though I have a good hour and a half til I have to leave.


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