ha, I’m updating again….

Ok, I love taking those retarded quiz things.. and they are usually pretty right.. so I was looking back at all the tests I’ve taken at this one site.. and it’s hillarious… so here’s me in a quiz-nutshell (with my thougths in italics)–
My aura is violet, I’m a “bashful” kisser, my true talent is my spatial ability (whatever that means), my romantic pattern is love vs. honor, my holiday theme song was “let it snow” (which is retarded, cause I hate snow), my true color is yellow (which means I”m always happy or some crap like that), I’m Mrs. Claus (don’t ask), I’m a recreational talker, my lucky number is nine (how’d they come up with that?), I am an intelect (ha, check this out– Besides the fact that you’re well-read and have an insatiable desire to learn, you can hold your own in any intellectual sparring match. You probably aced your SATs. Guys love the challenge of trying to seduce you. Your brainpower drives them crazy, and you’re smart enough to know that it puts you in the driver’s seat.–although, I’m not to sure about the whole guy and seducing thing), The type I  ‘go for’ is the “Prep” (hmm..), I”m “chic”, and my candy heart (you know those sweethearts that have lil sayings on them) says “Be Good” (like I”m ever bad).

So yeah.. I thought that might amuse some people.. like Meghan maybe…


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