Yay, I’m totally ungrounded now, and it’s sooo nice. Like, I could do stuff this weekend, and like yesterday the DeBoever’s came over for dinner.

That was creepy. Not that they were here, but that Thomas, who is a boy, was in my bedroom. That wasn’t really cool, but like since he was playing the guitar we didn’t kick him out. It was fun though, cause like Teresa and I were talking a lot, and we haven’t really talked in a couple weeks. So yeah, that was pretty fun.

Ok.. things I’m doing this week….

-BRICK, but of course I’m going there, and it’s a girl’s meeting, which will be very fun. I really hope we have discussion group cause I really want to talk to everyone, and I wanna get soem advice from Claudia.
-work, on tuesday, thursday and saturday but at least it’s not as long as I had to work last week. I almost doubled my hours, which is good for my wallet at least.
-Wednesday night… we really really need to do something fun. cause otherwise I will go insane, I have to have my girl’s night!
-Friday I guess Mom wants to take us all up to Lansing to go to the Natural History museum, or something like that. I’ll get to go, cause I have no school Friday, or next Monday for that matter. So I’m totally excited about my nice fourday weekend… it will be such a joy to sleep in next monday… too bad that’s a whole week away.
-No soccer.. but that’s not something I’m doing per say
-Sunday, I get to lector.. which I don’t really mind, but like, I just haven’t felt like lectoring for a while

Ok, so like I was trying to think of something else to put in here, just cause I”m bored, and I was reading Becca’s journal (ha, that must be all we do.. and then we talk about it.. back and forth), and she was talking about how I said that I talk more about the personal stuff… and the irony is that I’m not really doing that.  Although, I’m not really talking about stuff that’s been going on.  And there’s a reason for that 😉 but I’m not going to put it in here.  All the really juciy stuff, that you would hope to read in here, is in a “real” journal, that is well-hidden, like in my backpack or on my desk or something.. lol.

OH MY WORD!  I just remembered something that is like a huge bummer.  Ok, like the performances for Little Shop are the last weekend in March, and the first weekend of April, well the first weekend of April is Palm Sunday weekend, which is the weekend that I think we are having retreat, which I can not miss, or I”ll absolutely die…. which would not be a nice thing.  So like, I’m going to have to figure out a way to be at retreat, and I think Mom is going to suggest to Mark (the director) that she does my little part or something.. for that weekend that I miss, and if he doesn’t go for that, I’m just going to quit, cause retreat is way more important to me than the play.  I know that like, it’s a big responsibility to be in the play and stuff, but man, it’s retreat, and it’s my last one… I just can’t miss it.

So yeah.. if anyone reads this… which would totally just be like, Becca, you can all call me if you wanna do something this week… or weekend.. or anytime… I don’t really care.. I just wanna get out of the house…

I love you!


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