Something I thought of the other day, and just now remembered to put in here, so I don’t forget it again. Like, people say that you shouldn’t date tons of people, or like say “I love you” to them, because you give away part of your heart, and then you won’t have all your love to give to your spouse. well, I was thinking, why not just give a place in your heart, instead of part of your heart. that way, you love the person just as much, but in a slightly different way. The love’s there, and maybe in a better way, if not in a more ‘romantic’ way. And like, you don’t tell them this.. unless like you are breaking up with them, and like instead of saying “i’ll always love you” you can say “you’ll always have a place in my heart” I don’t know.. it’s kinda crazy.., but whatever.

On this topic.. like I love the song My Immortal, and like when I first heard it my first thought was “this would be a good make-out song”… heh.. I’m sorry.. that’s kinda bad of me.. but it was my first thought, and I always strive to be honest.

Ok…so like I’m on the zboard, talking about boys.. and now people think I”m missionary dating.. what dorks.. I’m not a total retard.. It’s so annoying on there now, cause like no one remembers me, or at least they don’t act like they do. So like then I have to explain every little thing about myself.. ah… it’s sooooo annoying!


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