Stages of a relationship

I found this on the zboard.. I thought it was interesting.

Stage One is called EYE TO BODY. It is the least intimate of all contacts between two people. All that has occured so far is that one person has seen another. They don’t know each other and have no relationship whatsoever. But every worthwhile venture has to start somewhere. If there is an attraction between them, they will build on that moment of recognition.

Stage Two is called EYE TO EYE. This refers to the first time they look directly at one another. An electrochemical spark crackles somewhere in the brain, and a little voice says, “Hey Dude! Pay Attention! This could be interesting!”

Stage Three is called VOICE TO VOICE. It involves the first conversation between two potential romantic partners. Their words are usually tentative and uncomfortable at that point, involving brilliant questions such as, “What’s your name?” and “Isn’t this a neat day?”

Stage Four is called HAND TO HAND, and is slightly more personal and intimate than anything that has gone on before. At this early point, holding the hand of a potential romantic partner can be exciting. It doesn’t represent familiarity or a commitment, but it does indicate that the friendship is progressing. A person would not approach a total stranger on the street and ask to hold his or her ahnd. Why not? Because that act is reserved for those who have developed at least a certain affection for one another. You may be too young to remember an enormously popular recording by the rock group known as The Beathels. It was one of their early sensational hits and was titled, “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.” The entire song focused on the thrill of handholding. One might wonder about The Beatles getting so shook up over something so ordinary. But anyone who has ever been in love will understand their sentiment very well.

Stage Five is called HAND TO SHOULDER, which is slightly more personal than the holding of hands. It reflects a “buddy” type of relationship where the partners are still side by side rather than facing each other. At this stage of intimacy, a hand to shoulder indicates more of a friendship than an expression of commitment.

Stage Six is called HAND TO WAIST. This position is clearly more romantic than any of the prior stages. Casual friends do not stand and embrace each other in that way. It is just one more stop along the way to a deeper, more intimate relationship.

Stage Seven is called FACE TO FACE. This level of contact involves gazing into one another’s eyes, hugging, and kissing. If the previous stages have not been rushed, it has meaning beyond anything that has gone on before. Typically, it is a reflection of sexual desire and romantic feelings for a person. Of course, many people engage in face to face activing that is merely frivolous and titillating.

Stage Eight is called HAND TO HEAD. Surprisingly, touching a person’s hair in a romantic way is more intimate than kissing and nuzzling face to face. Stroking the head is simply not done by strangers or even casual friends in this culture.

Stages Nine through Twelve are distinctly sexual and private. They are HAND TO BODY, MOUTH TO BREAST, TOUCHING BELOW THE WAIST, and SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. Obviously, these acts of physical intimacy should be reserved exclusively for the marriage bed. They were intended to be enjoyed by two people who have pledged themselves to lifelong love and irrevocable commitment.


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