Wednesday is a good day

Ok, so like we are going tonight to guitar center.. more for lauren and teresa, but megs and I will have fun… we’ll make fun.

Ok… so if you are really bored, you’ll be really nice and email me… cause I’ve been feeling email-deprived lately… even though I talk to people, I love getting emails… it’s weird.. or you could sign my guest book in my buddy profile.. or leave me commments on all of my stupid journal posts… you know the comment button thing changes colors when someone leaves a comment? It’s quite beautiful.

wow.. I’m a dork…. I think I’m going to stop now… but I don’t want to… cause this is just fun, to randomly type whatever comes into my head… and I’m sure it’s amusing.. at the least… hysterical maybe…

anywho…I’m gonna go now…

I love……..



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