thursdays are retarded

Yeah… my day was not that great. Like school was retarded, I just sat there for both hours. Then at work it was just creepyness. Like Dave came and asked me to the pride week dance.. and I didn’t want to go to it in the first place, so I was lucky that I had a viable excuse, which was rehearsal. Then the creepy Kevin guy came and talked to me. Gosh that dude creeps me out. he’s like 25 and he gave me his number before, and i threw it out right away, and like he just tells me all this crap that is annoying.. it’s just not cool.. but then today, he was asking me about prom,and I was all like ‘oh yeah i’m going to show my bf my dress” and then like right away he was leaving, it was hillarious.

so then i had rehearsal… and it was soooo boring… at least there’s a cute boy there…;) but yeah.. we all suck at singing except for the leads, so be forewarned if you are planing on coming to see the play.

so that was my retarded day… tommorow I have no school, and I”m going up to Lansing to the museum.. fun stuff.. then who knows what I’m doing… I have yet to figure it out. Oh well.. it will be ok…it always is


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