And now….

I’m pleased to ‘announce’ that people actually read this journal… or at least Nick and Teresa do…so they are now the only cool people… oh wait, I guess Becca reads it too, so I guess she’s cool too. Yeah, Teresa tells me that she likes to read my journal to get her ‘daily dose of rachelnesss’ or something like that. Awwww. that makes me feel so loved.

So yeah, today is Becca’s birthday, and like, she’s in London.. so it’s retarded… I bought her a card.. I’m going to write a nice long note in it, and put it in her mailbox, so that she’ll feel “special.”

I’m sitting here, enjoying my chocolate ice cream, and thinking about life… or clothes.. you know, they are so similar….lol. But anyways, I find it humorous that I can and still wear clothes that I got when I was a freshman… I mean, that’s kinda scary. Like, wednesday, I felt like getting dressed up for Meghan, whom I love very very much, and I went and put on my hott short plaid skirt, and black t-shirt, and my knee-boots… I even put on the fishnets for her! (scandal! :0) But anyways, that outfit (‘cept for the fishnets) was something I first wore when we were rehearsing for “our town”… gosh.. that was sooo long ago… oh man, I totally just remembered Jeff Brown.. what a great guy, I wonder what he’s doing now..*sigh* oh well life goes on… HEY! I totally went from talking about clothes to talking about life.. whaddya know!

so yeah.. I’m going to go read this story… and finish eating.. yum


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