I don’t know if you’ll want the daily rachelness…

cause it’s not exactly as “peppy” as normal. meh..last night I was not happy… and it’s probably a good thing that the post I tried to post didnt’ work… although I don’t know why. Ugh… I should be happy today, cause there is no school, I have the mardi gras (in which I’m going to be a fifty’s girl, I”ll be sure to take pics for you), then I’m going to hang out with the girls, then there’s brick… should be loads of fun….oy… at least I had a ‘good’ conversation with thomas last night.. we talked and didn’t fight.. it was amazing, although the topic wasn’t the most fun, and like I was sobbing cause I was so upset.. my dad even came in here and asked me if I wanted to talk… oh.. Thomas, if you read this, I just want you to know that I wasn’t really that mad at you at first, I was mad at Giovanni (and Lauren) and I took it out on you, and I”m sorry about that, but at least it got us talking…anyways….

I have to go now, and get ready for the mardi gras… big fun…. oy, little kids running around a gym,…why am I going again? oh, so I can feel young and free again.. lol.


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