I thought that I’d write in here, as I have nothing better to do. I was thinking earlier, I need to accomplish something great. I don’t really care what it is, but I have an insatiable desire to do something for mankind, or at least one person. Like earlier I emailed this protestant guy, and told him all this great stuff, and all he had to say was “alas, you didn’t convert me”. Seriousl, that is a direct quote. I like to think that maybe I planted a seed, but I doubt it.

oh, but I did see something today that was good. I was looking at the closed topics on the Zboard, and there was one where someone was having a convo with Brian(not Freaky) and basically he was saying that the primary goal of marriage is to have kids. Now I don’t remember him saying that when we were having our discussions on birth control…. so maybe something us Catholics said had an impact on him.. of some sort… I don’t know, I could be all wrong about this, and he has always said that and I’m just a crazy confused ptart… oh well, at least I think I did something good.

W00t, you definately got some high quality rachel-ness there, I hope you know… but anyways

I think you should check out the Zboard, that’s where I post all my real wisdom.. it’s a cool place… see if you can figure out my sn.. it is so obvious… if you are going to go there just to see me, go to the faith forum, and look at the post that I made, it is called “The passion of the christ” it’s very very interesting..if I do say so myself.


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