hum de dum de do!!!!!!!!!!!!

so yeah, my day was pretty boring.. however there were some interesting moments, and I’m sure there will be more at rehearsal (oooh, Adam! lol) So yeah, I forgot to mention this about yesterday (it ties into today, kinda), but Mrs LeBeau was all like “oh yeah, I heard you are in the fashion show. All the boys were asking who Rachel A. was, and if she was hot”… I laughed so much at that.. anyways.. when I came into school for 3d hour, there were a ton of people sitting by the gym, dear Vito being one of them. As I was walking by, Vito (who I had momentarily talked to at the meeting about the fashion show) said hi to me.. I was so astonished.. I mean, gosh, he was homecoming king.. why would he talk to a nobody like me?! lol, just being a ditz there. Anywho.. I was talking to Liz during speech.. man, she is such a great person. It was hillarious, cause we were talking about Jay and Nick, and how we try and get them to church, and we have to talk to them about all this stuff. It was ironic how much the boys seem alike…crazy.

Anyways, those were my only interesting moments, unless you count my going to Kmart to get deodorant as interesting… oh, and I totally came up with great arguments on the Zboard… (sardonic humor post.. check it out).. but yeah, that was about it. I had some major thoughts earlier, but yet again I forgot them.

Dude, I’m so glad Becca’s comming home tommorrow, although it’s kinda annoying that she was gone this week, cause it seemed like this was the most action jam packed week in like a month… crazy…. oh well… maybe I’ll write her another note.. she’s already got two pages waiting in her BRICK mail folder…lol… man was I bored at rehearsal on sunday.. I don’t even remember what I wrote. oh well…

well I’m going to go eat now… cause I don’t have anything better to do… I’ll post more later!


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