The passion of the christ

Oh my word, I cannot believe that I haven’t posted about this already.. geeze, I’m so bad… anyways, I went to go see it yesterday, with nick, becca and brandon. There is no way to adequately describe how much of an impact this movie had on me. It was amazing. Like everyone was saying how they were crying sooo much and everything, and I was kinda worried, cause I can get really emotional, but I only cried a little bit. I think the part I cried the most at was when Jesus fell, and Mary came up to him, and said “I’m here”… that was really moving.. it almost was like, argh, I can’t describe it. I hate having all these thoughts and not being able to express them. Anyways, another part of the movie that was really .. like, important to me, was John, I loved how he was portrayed. It was like, I wanna be like that, being able to be so strong when watching the crucifixion and everything… I guess I was, cause even though that whole scene hit me hard, I wasn’t like, sobbing or anything.. I really wanted to be strong, and like I dunno, somehow I think that that helped at the real crucifixion. and I think that makes sense, cause if you can pray for something that has already happened, like I can’t remember where I heard this, but like if you pray that someone who like committed suicide, you can pray (after the matter) that they regretted it… and it would like, apply.. or something like that. It’s confusing me… but anyways.. yeah.. there was other stuff, but Lauren and Teresa are distracting me with their never ending yapping… I love them though…lol…

anyways.. I gotta go eat before rehearsal…. ciao


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