I figured I might as well put something real in here

SO yeah.. mini poll (just leave comments! heh, gotta love the evil contrived ways to get those)… do you like my new color/layout? Teresa said I needed color, and I had to change the layout to achieve that, so what do you think?

anyways, yeah… I’m still a confused mess, but thank God for Freaky and Meghan.. seriously, I don’t know what I’d do with out them. Meghan I thank you much for what you told me last night… hehe, even with the swearing and stuff, it helped…and I didn’t mind it, so don’t worry, seriously.

As for Freaky… that kid is amazing, seriously I want to meet a guy just like him, hmmm, maybe I should just meet him, lol. But seriously, it’s amazing, I just wish I knew what God has in store for him, cause I know it’s going to be great… he’s got a ton of talent and grace, and he’ll use it for the right reasons… plus, he’s an amazing catholic…if he ever starts a major ministry, I am so going to help out with it in any way possible… dude, I would do anything to be his “minority whip” again…lol.

Yeah, I’m going to go do some school work…. maybe find out if I’m doing anything this afternoon… I do NOT want to go job hunting today however, and now Lauren does all of a sudden… annoying..


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