da doo

ok, don’t know why I picked that as a subject, although it is a cool song. Yeah, it’s from lil shop… so you’ll have to come and see it to hear it… or something….

so yeah, the prom fashion show is on tuesday.. and it’s goign to be so great. I can not wait to get my dress.. but i have to wait til saturday…but yeah, Mike Tyra is my escort.. he’s pretty cute, I just hope he’ll be tall enough when I have my heels on.

yeah… I was talking to Teresa earlier.. on the phone for once.. and like, it’s cool.. cause she’s coming to stupid ole me for ‘advice’… not that i can give any good advice…aigh.. now i’m sounding like freaky, which leads me to another point… i don’t think people who have God-given talents should put themselves down… whoops, I guess I’m guilty of that… oh well, if people think I give ‘good’ advice, I’ll keep on giving it… I actually like it..helping people out… it’s all part of my calling i think…

so yeah, I think I”m going to stop now.. I won’t be able to post tommorrow, since there’s no computer on fridays in lent.. but I”ll be sure to post on saturday, cause hopefully I’ll have seen Brent…hehe…gotta love CC functions


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