Becca needs to see this…

anything in bold is something that you, Rebecca dear, should take note of and laugh at..cause it’s so what I was talking about earlier, when you weren’t talking about… well you know

Quiz results..
Just a Girl

All things considered, age-wise, you’re right on track. You act mature, but not too mature! You’re adventurous, fun-loving, and carefree. Though you do have your moments of immaturity (stop whining about how unfair your curfew is!), and you’re not exactly the most responsible chick we know (blow your allowance on CDs again?), you can basically take care of yourself. Some people might accuse you of being shallow or self-absorbed, but we know that’s all part of growing up. You’re in the middle of a “me” phase right now, and your moods fluctuate from “Party Girl” to “Sullen Girl” in two seconds flat, but you can chalk most of that up to hormones. Just ride the wave and enjoy your youth! You have plenty of time to figure out life — and yourself — later.


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