fun times

Oh my word… I’m seriously losing my voice from talking to Becca for so long.. I don’t even want to think about how bad it would be if we had a slumber party.. ha, we really have to get to planning that..I should find out when Teresa is next coming over so I can be out of the house.. not that I don’t love Teresa, but it’s not like I really hang out with them anyways. Seriously though… crap..I forgot what I was going to put…dang it all….

anyways. Like, I am so glad that my mum let me hang out with Becca, cause lately they have been really weird about my hanging out with anyone… I think my mom’s going through one of those times where she thinks she’s said yes to much, so now she just says no… but today she said yes… and it was so much fun. We walked to CVS (which is in Westborn.. so that is quite some ways away from Becca’s house) but it was really fun cause I never walk anywhere anymore. So we dropped off the nine rolls of film, we went and looked at magazines, and found out all sorts of ‘guy secrets’ hehe those magazines are hillarious.

oh man, I went to pick out my dress for the fashion show earlier… and I love my dress! It’s so great! It’s strapless (not something I normally like, but oh well) and “sky blue” (or at least that’s what it said on the tag), and it’s got really pretty beading, and it’s poufy, and sparkly… like the chick who works at the shop, and the girl I went with both said I looked “hot” in it, but I don’t really believe them…ha, me hot? lol.. yeah, so I’m going to go now, cause I’m hungry and Lauren needs to come home, and then go and get a pizza or two…yum


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