ok, I just updated, but like I remember some stuff I wanted to put in here..lol.. and it’s really shallow, so just bear with me.

OY, but now I’m listeing to the Beatles “I want you”…. not the best kind of song…

anyways, I found this really cute way of doing my hair.. and I want to wear it like this to school on monday, but that means I”m going to have to wake up at like 6:30 and get in the shower before dad… not my idea of fun… my only other option is a two minute shower, but I love my 10-15 minute showers! They are the only thing that helps me get through my day.

yeah.. now I’m peeved at lauren, cause she wants to stay at Teresa’s but I need her to come home, so that she can take Joey to get his game, and get pizzas… she really has to come now..


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