I can’t believe it

Brent didn’t go to the battle of the bands.. what a punk…. now we all have to drive out to Brighton sometime… not that I know when I’ll have the time to do that. But anyways… the battle of the bands was interesting… I only ended up watching Flite 101, and then I left to go to Becca’s… but F101 definately rocked, and must have been the best, cause they won first place.. which is sweet, I’m so proud of them.

Thought–Chris rocks my world… seriously, I”ve never even met this kid, and I wub him.. lol… he’s so hillarious, and like, it’s great cause we have a ton in common… I’m going to have to meet up with him at steubie sometime. Weird thought regarding him, last night I dreamed that he was planning on calling me, but he couldn’t cause it was like too late or something.. weird (oh, so no one feels left out, I dreamed about like everyone I know.. .so you were probably in there somewhere)

Yeah, speaking of dreaming, I used to have all sorts of good dreams, and I’d be able to remember them really well. Well now, I never remember my dreams, and it’s kinda sad, cause Lauren and I would always talk about them in the morning… maybe I’m not ‘dreaming’ anymore cause too much good stuff has been happening, like there’s been bad stuff, but life’s been pretty nice lately… I have friends, I’m getting ready for stuebie.. what could be better? (other than true wub, lol)

Yeah, I’ve gotta go and clean a bit before I get to go find my dress for the fashion show… hopefully I’ll be able to find one I like…sigh…

ha, random thinking, I wanna go to bed.. like today’s my only day to sleep in, and I ended up getting up at ten to 9.. and I went to bed at like 1… defiantely not fun.. my internal clock is now wired to get up at 7, like I was awake from then.. I was just kinda dozing on and off…oh well.. maybe I’ll nap later…


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