Hello Darkness my old friend

My word, that’s a different subject, why’d I put that? Maybe cause I want to sleep or something I dunno. Yeah, I was almost sleeping in class just now, cause we were watching the Brids, and it was really boring, and my contacts were messed up, and my eyelids were just too tired.

Last night was the fashion show. I had to be there at 5 to get ready, but like the girl who was doing hair and stuff didn’t come til like 20 after, and I didn’t end up getting my hair done til like 6 anyways. I was so sad because when the dresses came, I went to get mine, and it wasn’t there cause they sold it. I was crushed, cause my dress had been soooo pretty. But I got to wear another really nice dress, and everybody said that it looked good on me, so I guess it wasn’t that big a deal. The only problem with the dress I wore was that it went kinda low on the sides, so I had to pin it so I wouldn’t “fall out”…hehe…. all you girls know what I”m talking about. Other than that, the show went great. There were a couple of mishaps, like when that retarded kid said my name wrong… and they mixed up the order a lil bit, but nothing too major.

So yeah, I really need to talk to Becca… one of those long chats, lol. I would put stuff in here, but I don’t want anyone to see it… ummmm yeah… there was something I was going to put in here, but I forgot… I think I need to get more sleep, maybe I’ll take a nap after I get back from school.


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