A good time

Oh my word.. like yesterday was so great. Note: right now I’m at Teresa’s right now, cause my computer was taken over by my parents before I could do anything… annoying to the max0rz.

So anyways, yesterday.. and this might take a while.. so be pleased, cause I finnaly have something to put in here.

I went and picked up Becca from school at 11:30… that was fun, or boring, cause we went back to Becca’s, and it was us and Andy (not Romeo…hehe) just fooling around on the computer. So then, since Lauren wanted the car, we had to go back to my house and have Lauren bring us back to Bec’s. So first we went to the farm market, and got corn dogs, three bags of chips, and gummy worms. It should have totalled over ten dollars, but it ended up being five something. The farm market discount is a wonderful thing. So then when we went back to my house, I got my stuff, including the amazingly yummy Chocolate Lava Cake (more about that later..hehe). Then Lauren drove us to several places before we went back to Bec’s.. we went to drop off mom’s dry cleaning, and got to see some Arab guy who was pretty cute…. lol. Then we went to Kroger’s so that I could get my drink mixes (more on that later) and cough drops… speaking of cough drops, I seriously had like 20 yesterday.. it wasn’t even funny, and then I think they are what started my sneezing, cause I defintelly wasn’t sneezing before I had the honey ones… oh well, they are really good. So we got all our stuff (man, that was a TON of food) and finally got back to the Leonard residence. We then proceeded to bake the cake… now here’s the interesting thing about this cake.. you take the cake part, and put it on the bottom of the pan, then you pour this hot fudge on it, then once you bake it the fudge is on the bottom, and the cake on top! It’s an amazing scientific mystery! So then Angelican and Maggie came over and chilled for a while before they had to go to work. So then Becca and I got to chill for some more… and we ended up eating the entire bag of Sea Salted potato chips all by ourselves.. that was probably not a healthy decision. Then, we went out again.. we went and mailed something for Mrs. Leonard, then we went to get poster board for the PPS. Then we went to some Italian Pizza place where Becca’s friend Tracy works. It actually had some pretty good.. and not to expensive… so now Becca and I are going to be regulars and take all our friends…. and Romeo and Nick, or at least that’s what Becca said.

So yeah, I am going to have to finish this later, and I’m only halfway through the day.. lol…I don’t know when I’ll update again, cause I’m going to the movies right now, then Mass, then the PPS (if I’m not too tired)… yeah…

I love everyone today! Especially my friends…Not that I have any…lol…


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