I totally figured I’d actually write something

Yeah… not that I have anything to say… I never do.. I’m a loser…I have no friends.. I smell… I have a big head… I’m a retard….

Or not.

Yeah..that was fun… actually it kinda was.. get that all out of my system.. cause I don’t really want to tell Lauren all of that.. even though it is true about her..:P

So today… after my last post.. I went to rehearsal.. and ran about in my poodle skirt til I got to hot to stand it anymore… and like, I totally didn’t know they were going to take pictures, so I wasn’t wearing any makeup at all… and I looked like crap.. so yeah.. it wasn’t fun… the best part about it all was that I got to leave like 20 minutes early… cause they were working on songs that I wasn’t in.. oh joy.

Yeah… I’m so freaking bored. I’m going to go do semi-productive things.

Or not


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