To continue….

So I left off when we were at dinner. Well after that, we went back to Becca’s again and chilled there for a while until it was time to go to Andy’s (Leonard, not Romeo) band festial. We went and picked up Annie first, and then proceded to Ypsilanti. The drive was fun, mainly because we were going down creepy roads, waiting for ax murederes to come and attack us… and the town of Willis (established 1887), was sweet.. I don’t think they even have a stoplight.. just a flashing yellow one. So then the band festival… ah, CC functions, nothing better. Actually the hockey game probably could have been better, but oh well. The festival was tons of fun, and there’s to much detail for me to go into… and CC got all 1’s so it was even better. Andy did a great job, especially the one note he played during the sight reading thing.. lol. So we went back, yet again, to Becca’s, and chilled there for a while eating cake and then the corndogs (after midnight, don’t worry, we would never eat meat on Friday). That was pretty fun, just sitting around the kitchen talking about all kinds of things. So next, we took Annie home… at about 1am… and that was probably the most fun part of the day, so I”ll start a brand new paragraph just for it.

Well, we had been calling this Zach kid trying to get him to come over and eat cake with us, but he didn’t come. So since Annie knew where he lived, we decided to go to his house.. what we were going to do there, none of us knew, but it sounded like a good plan at the time, so off we went. We got to his house, and when we got there Annie called Zach’s cell, but he didn’t answer so we left a voice mail. So Becca decided to leave a note on his windshield, so she proceeded to do that, run out there, and run back… well right after she got back in the car, someone (Zach’s dad, we think) looked out the front window… it was sooo creepy, especially cause we didn’t have the car lights on or anything… but then we tore off (not that fast, cause there was a police car right there, lol) and started to head towards Annie’s… but then Zach called us while we were still down the street, but he was in bed, so we didn’t go to visit him. So on the way to Annie’s, we were right by this other kid Brenden’s (is that right Becca?) house. So we stopped, and since his bedroom light was on, we decided to throw something at the window to try and get him to come out (we tried to call, but his cell was off). So since we didn’t want to break his window, and we figured mulch wouldn’t make it to the second story, we grabbed a few markers and chucked them up. I think only one or two actually hit the window, but by that time, we didn’t really want him to come out, so we just made another “run” for it. So we went back to Annie’s… Becca left a note on Annie’s brother’s car, and Becca and I went back “home”. We then proceeded straight to bed and I got my 6 hours of sleep, since I had to leave at 9:30 the next morning. So yeah, that was my exciting time at Becca’s house… we definatelly have to do that again, although I think we are going to have boys, at least for the earlier part of the night.

So Saturday, which was yesterday.. I went to the Museum Volunteer brunch, and the only good thing about it was the free food. Then I went to go see Cheaper by the Dozen with Lauren and Teresa, and it made me cry, it was very cute. Pointless, but cute. And Tom Welling was hott in it, and Hilary Duff was too (I want her more Teresa!). Then we went back to my house for a lil bit, then went to mass at Sacred Heart. Afterwards, I went home, to nap and get changed, but it ended up my going to sleep for an hour, waking up and deciding I was too sick to go back to the Play Pray and Stay, and going back to bed and sleeping another 14 hours… so now I”m up, Sunday morning, with nothing to do but shower, and mess around on the computer, ah good times. Oh, Lauren told me that Becca said last night that she was going to beat me up for not going to the PPS, oh well.. I needed my sleep 😛

So now I’m going to go and get ready for my day.. which won’t be as great as Friday was… definatly need to do that again soon….


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