I’m on a roll…

Since I’m so excited about this new cleaning thing, I’ve been on a major roll. Last night after shining the sink I could barely fall asleep because I wanted to clean so much more. I restrained myself however and finally managed to fall asleep. Grace awoke me at 6:15, normally not a problem, but since I have to go to 10:30 mass and she didn’t go back to sleep until 7:45, I did not go back to bed (I’m still slightly bitter about that). Since I really couldn’t go back to bed because I’d only be able to sleep for about 45 minutes, I started on a cleaning spree! Here’s the list of what I accomplished so far:

  • Put in a load of laundry
  • Washed all the dishes still left over from last night
  • unloaded the dishwasher
  • completely cleaned the bathroom
  • made a pot of coffee
  • switched the laundry
  • cleaned off half of the kitchen counter
And I’m currently enjoying my coffee and a bowl of cereal before I hop in the shower and make myself look pretty.
Now the only question is, What should I wear today?

3 thoughts on “I’m on a roll…

  1. You ROCK! I know you are the kind of girl who can get the job done. You are gonna rock this housewife gig!

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