Successes of the day: 8/4/2009

Goal: papers.
Where it’s at: wellllll… almost done!  I’ve got a couple random stacks that need homes, preferebly a box of some sort that is more “long term storage”.  There is also a pile for Chris to go through.  Mostly though, I’m done!  We’re going to head off to walmart to get a solution (maybe).

Habit: laundry
Where it’s at: did a load of Gracie’s clothes.  It’s currently in the dryer, but I’ll pull it up when we get home and fold it.

Side successes:
I made dinner and was sitting there with it all plated out waiting for Chris to get home.   Of course, he choose today to stop and get me some spray roses and was rather late.

So we are off to Walmart, and perhaps my parent’s house!  Goodnight!

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