So my last list didn’t go so well.  It’s been very hard for me to work on stuff when Chris is home.  We tend to get get errands done which is good, but then I’m just not home alone, which is how I really work best.


  • Tidy up as much as I can
  • one load of laundry (already in the wash!)
  • Really get the clothes done in my room.  It’s an awful awful mess.

I’m also trying to have a better diet.  I”m not trying to lose weight, but just be more healthy.  So for lunch, I actually ate VEGGIES!  Yes, that’s right, carrots with ranch dressing were my “side dish” instead of potato chips or some other not-so-healthy food.

Now I’m off to get stuff done!  Hopefully Chris’ job hunt will go well today too!

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