Pie, home and a wonderful life

Today was amazing.  I’ve decided that Monday is going to be my cleaning day, it’s what the FlyLady does for her “weekly home blessing hour” (I don’t like the phrasing, but I like the idea).  On mondays, I will be doing the following:

  • Washing all towels and sheets
  • dusting
  • general cleanup after the relaxing weekend
  • vacuuming
  • cleaning all the mirrors

I might throw in some other things, but that’s what I got done today.

I’m also baking a pie!  We’re having leftovers for dinner, but I picked up a cherry pie from Kroger and felt like eating it today.  I’m so excited.

Things are starting to move along at a quicker pace for It’s a Wonderful Life.  I’m starting to get very very excited about it!  Audition info is up at dhctstage.org!

The apartment, I am pleased to say, is in a general state of “clean” now.  The task now is to keep it up!  Now that the big projects that were getting in the way of clean are done, I can work on the hidden clutter, like the linen closet and whatnot.

Current project: clothes.  I’m purging what I don’t need/want/love.  I’m packing up maternity clothes that are still around.  Since fall is coming I don’t need to put the sweaters away, but I do need to get it all organized.  I think Ihave enough room that I could have all my seasons out, either in the closet or my dresser.  I’m also still working on getting Gracie’s clothes into sized boxes so that when she moves up a size I just have to grab the box and unpack it!

So yes.  Life is good right now.  Just hoping and praying that Chris gets a job asap.

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