Make me angry.

I have a weird response to being angry: I clean.  For example, if Chris and I are in a heated discussion, I will likely calm down by scrubbing the bathroom, folding clothes, or washing dishes (typically the chores I least like to do!).  It’s surprising to me that Chris hasn’t figured this out and used it against me to get me to clean, cause that would probably work!

Today, although it is Sunday, I am accomplishing things!  Chris is working and we went to mass yesterday, so I have the house to myself this  morning.  While I didn’t get too much done earlier, I’m getting some done now!  Here’s my list:

  • Reorganize my clothes and get them all hung up
  • Clean off the dining room table
  • Tidy up the rest of the house

Small list, yes, but it is Sunday and I’ll likely only be working on this for a while.  Hooray for getting things done!

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