Grace is going down for a nap after a fussy early afternoon.  She’s hitting a “learning stage” and has been sleeping a ton.  Scooting is the thing to do right now and it’s great that she’s learning this, but she gets exhausted too.  She’s so smart but I can only imagine how hard it is for her to learn how to crawl.  I mean, she’s never had to support her own weight before!

I want to work out a good housekeeping plan.  I always tell myself this, but it’s really something that needs to be done and I need it to be a cooperative effort with Chris.  He’s been wicked busy with his school work (he wrote a seven page paper last night) but I still need his help around here.  We both make the mess, thus we shall both clean it!

I’m contemplating getting rid of the coffee table.  We definitely can’t keep anything on the lower shelf because Grace already will pull stuff off, but I just keep thinking of the benefits of getting rid of it.  We’d have more living room space for Grace to play in, we don’t need it for decorative purposes, we don’t need it to store stuff on, we don’t need it to hold plates or cups (that’s what the dining room table or side tables are for!).  I think it might just be best to ditch it!  Plus, once Grace starts walking, it will remove a “sharp corner” hazard.

Life is about to get more crazy too.  Starting next week, I’m the new “nanny” for Zeke.   I’m looking forward to it and also dreading it.  It’s gonna be great to help Lauren out and get to spend time with my nephew but I know it’s also going to be hard to take care of two babies.   It’s ok though, cause frankly, I better get used to it!  (No, this is not a pregnancy announcement.)

Alright, off to do some housework while I can.  Maybe I’ll even get to go shopping tonight before rehearsal!

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