Motherhood, daughters and the new year.

“…so that they [older women] may encourage [or train] the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their own husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored [blasphemed or discredited].” Titus 2:3-5

I’m doing some “blog hopping” today, trying to find some good ones to add to my google reader.  Particularly I was looking for good, Christ-centered Moms who I could connect with (bonus if they have super cute kids or blog designs).  I’m not opposed to non-Catholic blogs, simply because there is wisdom and wit to be found in all sorts of places.

I came across a beautiful blog (that I’m still exploring) with this intriguing post: If You’re Not Raising Your Daughters To Be Homemakers, You Are Potentially Hurting Them.

The author’s main point is that daughters are often told things like “You can do whatever you want” but what ends up happening to most of them is that they grow up to be wives and moms (often stay at home moms, at least for a season of their life)!   I think I’m lucky enough that in some respects, I was raised to be a homemaker or at the least, I was raised with a good amount of “mom training”.  I think my training did suffer a bit though, on the actual “homemaking” front.  Yes, I know how to do all the household chores.  I can wash dishes, do loads of laundry, and tidy up the living room.

But homemaking is considerably more than just chores.  During 2009 I spent a good chunk of time on sites like trying to figure out just what homemaking really is. I don’t think I know yet.  In fact, I think it changes in all sorts of myriad ways as families change and grow and add (or subtract) members.  One of my biggest goals for 2010 is to really take myself and grow into a homemaker.  That’s always been my clear vocation, but I was never “trained” in that way.

And, of course, part of this is about how I’m going to train up my daughter(s).  Grace may grow up to be a nun, a president, a single woman, or like most women, a wife and mother.  Since the odds are that she’ll need to know how to do that job, I will have to make sure to fulfill my vocation by teaching her up in those ways.  And this doesn’t mean having a home economics class in high school for one semester.  This is about constantly working with Grace, being an example to her, and slowly teaching her over the course of her whole life the skills that she needs.

So yes, I’ll bake cookies with her, and hopefully give her siblings so that she can get hands on child care experience and make her wash dishes and do the laundry.  But most of all I hope to teach her to do these things efficiently and with a joyful heart, always praising God.


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