I’m working on some different “activities”  in my Franklin Covey planner (the stuff leading up to building a mission statement) and one of them is about values. So, since I need lists and examples and I can’t just come up with stuff off the top of my head, I found a site with a great list.

Note, there’s 374 different things on there (some are very similar). Here’s what you do.

Go through the list and circle/write down all of them that resonate with you. Things that you think are important in life (that you value).

Go through that (hopefully much) smaller list and combine anything you think is the same thing to you (for example, I combined order, organization and preparedness under the main heading of “order”).

Now take your list (mine was about 20 at this point) and try and get it down to your top ten in no order.

Then, order your ten into your top ten values.

Honestly, this was a real eye opener for me. Knowing what your values are can be soooo important because it can really show you what you want and where you are going wrong. Big thing for me was seeing that yes, comfort is important to me, but it doesn’t make my top ten. Therefore, I need to really focus on my more important values before that one.

I also encourage everyone to really work on this kind of thing (that can be found in the F.C. planners).  You work out what you value, then your roles, combine all that with some other activities and develop a mission statement.  All of this is useful because you can use it to order your life in large and small ways.  You can develop long term goals and use it to focus on what is important each day.  The list of values can be especially important in deciding all the things you do.  For instance, if you have to choose between blogging (something that might feed your creativity), but your family needs you to go to a movie, you can order that according to your values.  Oh the tools we can find!

Anyway, here’s my top ten.

1- Peace
2- Faith
3- Family
4- Joy
5- Harmony (balance)
6- Appreciation/generosity
7- Order
8- Sincerity (conviction)
9- Creativity
10- Intelligence


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