Small successes – 1/7 edition


1. I have managed to stay relatively calm through a variety of VERY stressful situations this past week.  Both of our debit cards were “compromised” somewhere so we’re currently debit-card-less for 7-10 days.  Totally stressful (especially when you need gas!) but since I’m trying to be positive I guess I can just figure that this helps me not spend any money this week!  Other various events have caused a lot of stress, but I only teared up a bit yesterday.  MUCH better than normal.

2.  We haven’t eaten out this week except for one time to McDonald’s with gift cards from Christmas!  I made dinner the last few nights and overall we’re doing much better at eating healthy.  Chris and I also both got some fitness ideas and hopefully we will stick to them!  He’s going to get “Ripped in 6 weeks” with his new iron gym/perfect pushups/ab roller (gift from his parents, via a Kohl’s gift card.  He’s been wanting them forever!).  I’m going to try to get into a yoga/pilates routine (I need to work on flexibility/general fitness).  So yeah, we have tools and a plan!

3. Grace … oh Grace.  She’s just doing so well.  She has successes every day and I can never remember what they are!  She’s continuing to work on reaching out and moving while standing… walking in our near future, I can just sense it!


3 thoughts on “Small successes – 1/7 edition

  1. I’m so sorry about #1…how stressful. I’d cry too. I know you can get through the week, and ask friends or family for help if you need!

    Love the rest of the list. Enjoy getting fit!!!

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