Be gone with you!

I think this post should have been shovel-ready over a week ago but I’m not quite a blog czar yet.  Lake Superior State University puts out a list (not a tweet) of “Banished Words” every year on January 1st.  In these economic times we might expect to see a free app with the list but LSSU encourages us to chillax and take this as a teachable moment that websites do still exist and we might need to visit them.  Transparency is ever important to LSSU and they include witty comments from various people about each word on the list; this isn’t some random list put out by an educational institution.  Some people might think that the English language is due for a stimulus but LSSU feels that we overuse words all the time, thus they came up with the banishment list back in 1976.  There’s usually some wisdom in this lists, like don’t friend people you don’t know cause you never know if you’ll fall victim to sexting. This years list reflects the things that went on this past year, like toxic assests that people thought were too big to fail.  You never know what might come up in the new list, but there’s always a few that will  make you laugh just like an Obama-bromance.
Check out this years list here:  Of course, if you’ve been paying attnention, you’ll see that I was able to work the 15 words into my post rather easily.  And of course, pay attention to what you say.  You don’t want to get in trouble for using a banished word!


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