Gratituesday- 1/12 edition

For this weeks edition of Gratituesday, I would like to share my facebook status from the other day:

why is it that people think that waiting to have kids until you are perfectly set is the way to go about things? Sorry, but I might not be rich, but I wouldn’t trade my Grace for ANYTHING.

This post garnered 35 comments!  I think that might be a record.

Why am I thankful for this?  Because out of these comments I received so much support.  It also opened up the conversation in other areas of my life (or flowed from them).  As a Catholic, I am called to be a witness to the truth.  And honestly, many Catholics don’t want to hear the truth about sex and having babies (aka, no contraception you!).  This conversation isn’t one that you will often hear from the pulpit on Sundays (although I applaud every priest who does preach about it!).  This conversation isn’t one you normally have with your mom, although I do and I loved her comments best of all.   This conversation though is important.  And I”m grateful that for a couple days I got a bunch of people to think about it and take part!

Take courage, Catholics who practice NFP (or don’t and have a bunch of kids!).  Your decision is between you, your spouse and God.  Don’t include your mom, your best friend, your kids principal or your accountant.

And hey, I’m also thankful for a good looking husband who makes it easy to be open to life!`


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