7 Quick Takes- 1/15 edition


Since Thanksgiving, we have had the turkey deep fryer hanging out in our dining room.  Annoying,  but not a huge problem.  Well, Grace made her way over there (she normally doesn’t) and somehow got oil in her hair.  I had to giver her a bath this morning.  I am not happy.  That darn fryer will be out of here by Sunday, dang it!


I had several long babysitting days this week, so Grace has suffered a bit.  I’m trying to get her to nap at Lauren’s in the pack and play, but she refuses to do so.  The last two days she had a combined daytime/afternoon nap total of 2 hours (yes, 2 hours over 2 days, with 6am wakeups and approximately 8pm bedtimes).  This is going to change!


Everyone’s talking about it, but I”m going to share something a little different.  To be completely honest, while I acknowledge that what happened in Haiti is awful, I just don’t feel anything about it.  Everyone goes on about how they have been crying and how terrible they feel and how they are giving so much money to help.  Well terrible things happen. But I don’t have money to give.  I don’t have the ability to go down there to help (nor do I really want to).  I have enough on my mind to devote hours of thought to thinking about Haiti.  While I have tossed up a prayer or two, I also have plenty of other people in my life who I should be praying for.  Maybe I’m jaded, maybe I’m just a bitch.  Or maybe I’m just human and it’s just much easier to focus on the trials that are close to home.


Grace is “talking”!  She has only been saying vowel sounds for the longest time, with some h’s, l’s and y’s chucked in, but she’s added a lot of b’s and d’s this week!  No dada yet!


Want a project to battle the February blues?  I’m going to be participating in the 28 day organizing challenge at I’m an Organizing Junkie. Join me!


It’s amazing how when you aren’t home, your house gets messy.  Oy vey, my friends.  Can you guess why I’m procrastinating right now?


I’m very excited to say that today is a special day.  One of my high school friends is getting married.  I am ecstatic for them and am looking forward to have a good time tonight (baby free too!).  There’s a bit of bitter-sweetness too, as it just makes me feel old to have all my friends getting married, but ah well.  That’s how life is, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes- 1/15 edition

  1. Nice update! I remember when you first met Nick and Thomas and they looked about 12 yrs. old….time does fly, doesn’t it? Now you are all old married folk! What does that make me? Grandma! Now THAT’s scary!
    You are not a bitch. The situation in Haiti is terrible, but the most “feeling” I have is one of thanksgiving that I live where I do. I think youhave a proper perspecitive of suffering. It happens. We pray and we work and we give and we keep on living.

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