Organizational confession

I admit it: I love organization.  But I do not love organizing.

I’m a reader.  I taught myself to read when I was like, 4 or 5 or some young age like that.  Even now, if I’m not reading some sort of entertaining novel I feel like I’m incomplete.  I have to read while eating (even if it’s just the nutrition facts on the box of cereal).  So if you combine that with my love of “organization” you will easily see that I fall into the “reads everything about organization, tries it for 5 minutes, then reads something new!” category.

This month over at the Fly Lady the habit of the month is her base habit: shining your sink every night.  Now, I’ve attempted to follow the fly lady system for about the past six months.  She says it is all about simplicity, but frankly I can’t handle it.  31 days worth of babysteps?  Nope, I need to focus on small things.  15 minutes of decluttering?  Nice idea, babe, but how am I supposed to do that and spend time reading things on the internet?  However, this sink shining thing (which I’ve been trying to go at full force) has seen some success.  Most (not all) nights there are no dishes in the sink and it’s realitivly clean in the kitchen.  It IS a good feeling to wake up and not have to worry about doing dishes.

But frankly, her system is too much for me and it just doesn’t work. My schedule varies every week so I can’t always have a “weekly home blessing hour” on Mondays, have errand day be Thursdays and clean out my car on Fridays (heck, I’d be happy if that happened once a month, let alone once a week!).  Her system also relies heavily on her email system, with daily emails of her “flight plan” and testimonials that sound suspiciously cheesy and form written.  There’s no room to have both the support system with your own variation of the cleaning system.

So, of course, I’m looking for a new system.  But this time, I’m trying to take what is good and what works from the Fly system and combine it with whatever other new system I find.  Because being a clean, organized homemaker isn’t going to happen with anyone else’s system.  I need to find MY system.  And guess what, even if I come up with a great thing that works for me, it probably won’t work for you. I’m sorry, dear dear reader.  But this is not the point of my blog.  I’m not here to give you a magic formula.  Rather, I’m here to just tell you what I’m doing so maybe you can find one little thing that works for you.  And I’m here to support you as you journey in your vocation.  Cause your vocation is different than mine.   There is no “One Size Fits All” vocation.

I’m off to read some more tips and tricks.  There’s a pile of dishes too, waiting to be done after a night where I was at a wedding having a fantastic time.  And that’s what it’s all about.  When you die, NO ONE will care if you washed every dish as soon as you were done with it or had a shiny sink every morning.  No, they will not.  No one. I repeat, not one person will care about that.   But they’ll look back at that random wedding where you wore a hot dress, had make up on and were smiling, laughing, taking pictures and just having a great time dancing like you were 16 and in love (even though you’re 23/31/45/whatever and in love).


4 thoughts on “Organizational confession

  1. I love this post!
    Your are so spot on here. You will find the balance to be the “perfect” housewife. Perfect meaning the woman God wants you to be – not one with a necessarily perfect house.
    And we DID have fun, didn’t we? I love the last sentence – I am that 45 year old of which you speak!
    Now, off to do the dishes!
    OH – here is a GREAT blog that has wonderful tips on changing things in your life for the better:

    There is a post on their about six things for change or something – look it up, it’s great!

  2. This is great! You know, I’ve been revising my housekeeping schedule with the Company Girls, (I’ve tried FLYlady too) and I mapped it all out in excel so that I could REALLY see where my time goes. I was started to be grumpy on Saturdays because my husband would take the day off and I’d be scrambling to get caught up on laundry and other household tasks. So I just re-worked my schedule so that I could take Saturdays off! Today is the first day of trying that, and I LOVE it! I can hang out on the computer, play games with the kids, whatever I want. Being a SAHM, I never REALLY have a day off, but at least today was a FUN day! 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. I’m the same way. I read everything I can on organizing, but it doesn’t always seem to work. (or maybe, I just get lazy!) One of the books that I read this summer was Side Track Home Executives, and I liked their 3×5 card system. Basically, you write everything down on 3×5 cards and move them when they are completed. You could tailor them to fit your needs. Of course, even though I think it’s a great idea, I have tried it yet.

  4. I am just like you. I am great at reading about what worked but not so good at implementing it myself. Over the years, though, I have learned things that work for me. I use some of the fly lady…I do have a shiny sink! And I do scrub my bathrooms every OHTER day. Some things like that help reduce the big cleaning time I have. However, I don’t do a house blessing or an errand day. Do what works and don’t sweat it. There is no such thing as superwoman! When you see someone who appears to have it all together, you just don’t see what is falling apart!

    That is what grace is about. We aren’t perfect, just forgiven!

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