7 Quick takes and Company Girls coffee- 1/22/2010

Through my blog travels, I’ve found Home Sanctuary.  I’m not fully immersed in the wonderful small things she does (although I’m probably going to jump in gung ho next month (she offers some great prizes!).  Every Friday. she also has a “company girls coffee chat”.

I’ve been meaning to write about my week anyway, but this is a wonderful way to do so.  And what better way than to combine it with Conversion Diary’s 7 quick takes?


I’ve been in one of my “Funks” this week.  The last few weeks (from sometime after Christmas until a week ago) I’ve been pretty gung ho, pretty on the ball, pretty good overall.  Then this week started and all I’ve wanted to do is eat and read.   So that’s mostly what I’ve been doing.  I think it’s good to have a balance and that’s what I’m taking out of this: I need more balance.  I can’t just relax all the time, nor can I expect myself to be on the ball all the time.


Tomorrow Grace will be 9 months old!  We’ll be going to get her pictures taken at Olan Mills today.  I’m so excited to see my big girl growing up.


Last Friday, Grace’s first tooth popped up!  I no longer let her bite my fingers.  It is one sharp little bugger.


Chris is getting more fully immersed in his school work this week and it makes me think.  Frankly, I will be SO GLAD when he’s done with school.  I”m very proud of the work he puts into it but it is very time consuming and I’d like my husband back.  Now, please.


This past Tuesday, I started my Wilton Course 1 decorating class!  I’m planning on writing up a post about the class, but it will wait until tomorrow when I bake a cake.  My Grandpa’s birthday is next week and I”m going to be making the cake for out get together on Sunday.  I’ll show off the skills I learned and give you an update on that class!


It pains me to tell you this.  Grace can drink out of a sippy cup and can feed herself snacks out of her “no-spill” snack cup.  The move to independence has begun in earnest and it’s one of the saddest Mom-feelings yet.


I’m pretty sure I’ve decided on my “Word of the Year 2010”.  It’s one of my core focuses lately and I’ve labled it as an uber-important “value” of mine.  What is it?


I hope everyone has had a fantastic week full of joy, self-discovery and peace!


11 thoughts on “7 Quick takes and Company Girls coffee- 1/22/2010

  1. I love your blog. It highlights what a delightful woman you are becoming.
    And I love YOU even more! 🙂

    I’ve been thinking about a word of the year, and I considered peace as well. Still haven’t found the right one. Suggestions?

  2. Motherhood has so many happy-sad moments. A little sad that old things pass away, but lots of happy for the newness in our little ones!

  3. I don’t think you’ll be feeling so sad about it for too long. Soon you’ll be having a blast having a little “helper”. Even if for a while “helping” means making everything harder, haha.

  4. My DH works and takes 3 classes plus can’t take calls at work either. Missing him makes for some nice quiet times together though. Hope you and your husband will have more time to reconnect next week despite busy schedules!

    And the baby memories… good job getting her pics done. They grow so quickly!

  5. Congratulations on the cake decorating class…it sounds like great fun!

    Isn’t it so bittersweet to watch our babies grow? My eldest turned eight this weekend…he’s becoming a little man…unbelievable!

    Have a great weekend, and hang in there…you will get your husband back soon!

  6. I would love to do a cake decorating class. My grandmother used to do it when I was little and I loved to sit and watch. Don’t have time for it these days, but maybe eventually!

    My husband went back to school a few years ago to get his master’s. It was a struggle at the time. But the time flew by!

    Good luck and have a great weekend!

  7. Sounds like we have a few Company Girls who are having not-so-great weeks. I’m one of them. The weekend has gotten a lot better, so I’m ready to tackle this week head on. My 2nd daughter is almost 9 months, and her middle name is Grace. =) It goes by so quickly. I can’t believe it. I think she’s starting to teeth…I hate teething. Looking forward to your post about your decorating class. That should be fun. I’ve never decorated a cake before. I’m not really sure what I need to buy in terms of materials…especially stuff that I will use over and over again even if I don’t plan to make too many cakes. Hope you will have a peaceful week.

  8. I didn’t realize Chris was in school. What’s he studying? Ryan is in his last semester and believe you me, know how you feel. Ready for this phase to be over and on to the next!

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