Pick your Crazy Train

I’m thirsty.
Well.  There’s a lot of beer in the fridge!  Or wine.. or liquor!
Water.  Water water water.  Pop is bad.  Anything but water is bad and will make me fat.

The baby’s up.  What do I do with her?
Oh she’ll be fine on her own!  I’m fine on my own, right?  Maybe she wants some beer too!  Oh how cute, she opened her mouth when I offered it to her, of course she wants some beer!  Where’s her sippy cup?  Or maybe I should just get her a bottle of her own!
I think I’ll start homeschooling now.  Where’s the Montessorri stuff?  And then we’ll read a book and then we’ll write a novel!

The house is a mess.
Ah well.  I’ll let the husband handle that when he comes in.  Of course all he ever does is sit around on the computer.  Maybe if we get it messy enough, Clean House will come and clean and redecorate!  Then I don’t have to do it!
Clean clean clean.  Whistle while we work.  Fly Lady, orgazing blogs.  Where’s my home planner control journal binder?  Where’s my timer?  Where’s my tools?  Oh, of course, they are right where I left them.  HAHAHA, where ELSE would they be?  Now what’s on my schedule?

I should exercise.
Does walking to the fridge or the bathroom count?
Where’s my gym membership card?  What classes are there?  Is there a babysitter so I can be there every day for three hours?  Did I get in my pilates, yoga, cardio, weight lifting and tae kwan do?   Maybe I should spend more time on this at home!

Which crazy train are you on, fellow moms?


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