Wilton Course 1- class 1

I’ve started taking a Wilton cake decorating class.  I’m taking it at my local Joann’s.  The first class was pretty basic, we mainly just listened to the instructor going over a lot of the basics that are also covered in the course 1 book.

I had to make a cake this weekend for my Grandpa’s 89th birthday, so I’ll use it to illustrate a few of the big tips!

These are my cakes.  Notice how nice and flat they are!  I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to trim too much off!

This is the BEST tool you can get.  It’s a cake leveler and it’s amazing.  You basically just use it like a saw, but it makes sure your cake is straight. MUCH easier than using a knife.

I have a big tutorial on the frosting I made (along with a review) that will go up later this week.  For now, check out how I frosted my cake.

First step.  Pop that bad boy first layer (I torted my cake for a four layer cake) onto your turntable.  Put a border on with a piping bag with a coupler only on it (picture of that later).  Then put on WAY more icing than you think you need and spread it (or use filing of your choice.

The trick with frosting it is that you want your spatula to always move side to side, and never lift it straight off the cake.  Also do NOT let it touch the actual cake, just frosting (that’s how you avoid crumbs).

Here’s a shot of the edging only.

With the final layer and sides it’s all about being patient and just getting it on there.  Don’t worry too much about smoothing it.

Here’s my frosted cake:

I tried out a patter transfer technique that we’ll be going into in the next session, but it came out pretty great.  Here’s the finished and decorated cake!

For smoothing it, I used the parchment paper technique which is basically just waiting for the frosting to set, then smoothing it with the spatula with parchment paper in between.  I messed up quite a bit, so I’ll wait to get a bit better before I show you how to do it!

Here’s me with my wonderful Grandpa Lawrence.   Happy Birthday!

I’m really liking the class and the tips on icing are good enough for any mom to take it.  For birthday cakes it’s always a great memory to know your mom always made you a cake.  It’s fairly easy and while I got pretty stressed with this cake, I know it will get easier with time.

Class tomorrow night, and I’ll continue updating you on how the course goes!


4 thoughts on “Wilton Course 1- class 1

  1. Hi Rachel,

    Brings back memories for me. I took many classes in my days and decorated a lot of cakes for family and teachers’ kids etc. In my days they didn’t have the cake leveler, we simply used strong thread or a knife to ‘cut’ off the uneven top. Also didn’t know the parchment paper trick for flattening the icing. We boiled a pot of water, dipped the spatula in the hot water and used it to smooth the icing.

    Another trick to avoid crumbs when frosting is to make sure your cake is cool by popping it into the fridge for several hours before frosting. And to catch bits of icing before they drop on the cake plate, we cut 4 pieces of waxed paper to fit around the cake edges.

    I really did enjoy my cake decorating days as it was just another way to be creative.

    Looking forward to more up to date lessons. 🙂

  2. Love your blog…I always find something insightful and interesting to read. I love cooking and baking, so I’m living vicariously through you with this class…keep up the good work!

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