Turn around.

My apartment, my home, my “sanctuary” is a mess.  I don’t quite know what happened.  Perhaps it’s the fact that last week I was in a major funk and it still hasn’t worn off.  Perhaps I need to start making simpler meals with easier clean up that doesn’t take 3 hours (although my fake Applebee’s chicken fahijta roll ups are ballin’).  I’ve been babysitting all week and have had two babies instead of just one.  But these are all just excuses.  The real reason is that I don’t want to turn around and face it and just DO IT.

Our computer (which now has two monitors *insert eye rolling here*) is in our living room up against this island of closets that separates it from the kitchen/dining room.  What is most handy about it though is that when I’m sitting there the only things in my peripheral vision is the hall way to the bedrooms (always clean, it is a hall after all) and the front door (usually tidy by there, but if the carseats there I’m not worrying).  Effecitively I do not see the mess at all.  I escape into the nice world of the internet.  Thank you Al Gore for giving me  the best procrastination tool ever.  Wait, Gore didn’t invent the internet?

Anyway, I’m trying to gear myself up to just go an tidy for a few minutes before Grace wakes up from her nap.  It NEEDS to get done.  It WILL get done.  Just so long as I turn around.


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