What does it cost?

Yesterday when I was picking up my nephew to babysit, I was talking with my sister.  We both agreed that we could probably thouroughly clean our houses in about an hour if we put the time and effort into really getting it done.

So today, the experiment starts.  I’m not going to try and tackle the whole house at one go today, simply due to an extremely crabby, needy teething 9 month old who needs her mama when she’s up.  To this point though, I have cleaned my kitchen.  It’s not a totally thourgh cleaning (like, I didn’t clean my stove or any such nonsense).  It’s just a general look at how long it takes to do most of those everyday or weekly chores.  Here’s my breakdown in order completed:

– Putting away items on counters (surface cleaning, includes unloading full dishwasher, putting away pop/beer cans, etc)
Time spent: 6:01
– Dishes (there was a pretty large amount of stuff, including reloading the dishwasher)
Time spent: 18:09
– Wiping down counters and putting away just washed dishes
Time spent: 5:51
Time spent: 2:12
– Mopping (huge scrub job, on hands on knees with a brush.  the floor REALLY needed this.  I’d shave about 6 minutes off total for it if not necessary.)
Time spent: 8:00


Less than 45 minutes to do a really good job on my kitchen?   What?!  That’s not that long!  And think of this, if those little jobs were kept up with then an overall “I need to clean the kitchen” could probably done in about 20 minutes.

Lesson: keep up on dishes.  This means unloading the dishwasher right away, putting dishes in the dishwasher immediately (helps if the dishwasher is empty) and washing dishes at least nightly, if not after every meal.  If that one thing (well, combo of things) is done, then cleaning the kitchen (wiping down, sweeping and mopping) will be a quick, painless chore.
On top of this, I burned around 200 calories!  What a bonus!

As wives, mothers, housewives (stay at home or working) we need to remember that our homes should be run well.  Lots of other sites talk about this concept and I’m really starting to embrace it.  If we were working at McDonald’s and our job was to keep that kitchen clean at all times, don’t you think we’d do it?  Our trouble that we face in our homes is that we are both the employee and the boss.  And it can be hard to stop reading a blog or eating chocolate and drinking margaritas (wait, you don’t do that?).  But our God given calling is to provide a pleasant, happy, clean home.  Our houses don’t have to look like the ones in Better Homes and Gardens.  It’s not going to happen if you have any kids!  But we can make sure that our homes are safe, there aren’t any bug infestations, there’s clean underwear and there’s fresh nutritious food for our families.  If we can do that we are well on our way to being successful home makers!


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