OrgJunkie’s 28 day challenge- Before pictures

Over at, you can find tons of wonderful, helpful organizing info.  There’s currently a challenge going on, and I’m going to be participating.   Clearly, I have procrastination tendencies as the project I picked has been on my mind for at least 6 months and it’s taken me 5 days to write this post.

Originally, I was going to do two projects, a small space and a whole room.  Now I think I’m just going to focus on my small space.  Today, I bring you the Before pictures.

Let me introduce you to my linen closet.  As you can see there is “some” organization in the form of two baskets on each shelf.  However, it’s not very organized and I could probably get rid of a good chunk of this stuff.

In addition to the closet, there is also the extension: the under the sink basket.  Again, this is a conglomeration of rarely used items.  I would like to completely eliminate the need for the orange crate.  The shelf system is used (holds stuff that is used daily, or nearly daily) so it may stay.

Plan of action:

1. Clean the bathroom.  Basic cleaning, wipe down, toilet, sweep and mop.   It will make it much easier to take care of.

2. Declutter.   Go through ONE shelf or basket at a time.  Any left over body care products will be offered to family first, friends second, and then donated to a worthy cause (if in new condition).  If I deem it necessary, I will “repackage” items into gift bags to be stand by birthday gifts.

3. Deep clean.  I’m going to scrub that bathroom floor.  The shelves will be super duper cleaned and maybe lined with something.

4.  When finished, I’m going to reward myself in some way.  I think perhaps a bubble bath with a new book or magazine.  Have any other reward ideas?


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