Just do it!- Small Successes 2/18/10

Every week moms join together to celebrate their small successes of the week.  Join us at Faith and Family Live!

1.  I bought some clothes for myself that actually fit and look nice.  Hooray!

2. Chris and I are going to be taking on a side job for one of the vicariates.  It’s got a small stipend attached but it is one more way to help provide for our family.

3. I made it to adoration once this week.   It was heartbreaking in one way.  The church that has the 24/7 chapel also has a large high school.  That night, it was about 9pm and there were a ton of people there for something.  I went into the chapel and it was empty.  Jesus was all alone while you could hear girls laughing and cars going by.  I was only able to be with him for 15 minutes, but it was worth it.

Extra note: I was going to write a blog post about this for the Lenten series, but today has been a busy day (that’s not done yet).  At  mass yesterday my pastor told us a little story about Detroit’s Archbishop Vigneron.  Apparently he was talking to someone about Lent and said “Choose a few small things to do and do them well”.  I feel this is great advice and totally goes with my last Lenten post.  I hope everyone has chosen to do things within their ability and sanity limits and is working on doing them well!

Have a good day!


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