Gratituesday- 3-9-2010

I’ve kind of been out of it lately.  Maybe the days are just blurring together because I’m so busy.  Most days I can hardly remember what I had done in the last week.

The last few days have been different though.

I managed to get to mass Friday, Saturday (for my Sunday obligation), Monday and today!  Four out of the last five days I’ve recevied my Lord in the Eucharist.  HOLY SMOKES!

Can I just say, His prescnese in my life each and every day is making a HUGE difference in me. I’m more peaceful.  I’m feeling calmer.   I’ve been fighting a cold, but now that I have my BFF in me, it doesn’t seem so bad.

I kinda wish all this peace and happiness and joy in my (house)work would rub off on others (like my husband, hint hint dear).  But that’s besides the point!

This Tuesday, I’m SO GRATEFUL for the chance to be able to go to daily mass.  And I’m going to start trying to make it more of a habit!


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