How are YOU doing?

So I know I’ve been a bit MIA the last few weeks.  I’ve been focusing a lot on spending my time wisely.  So many bloggers take Lenten breaks so I didn’t feel totally alone.

There was a pretty significant part of me too that really didn’t feel like I had much to say.  Maybe I just needed to listen more, but I don’t know if I was.

I go up and down in my life.  Lent is no exception.  You have that thrill of the first week, then you lose enthusiasm, and then before you know it, holy week is next week!  I’ve done fairly well on some of my resolutions.  I hope all of you have been doing the same.

So many of the blogs I read are getting into the “Extra mile” of Holy Week.  If you haven’t heard of this type of thing, it’s basically just upping the ante on your resolutions for this last, most holy of weeks.

What will I be doing?  Spending time with my family, perhaps more concentrated prayer.  And for sure on Good Friday I’ll be going “no technology” which will be difficult for me.

But you know, it was pretty difficult to die on a cross.  I think I’ll be able to handle it.

So how has your Lent been?  Did you fall down a lot?  Did you rise to the occasion?  No matter how you’ve done, remember that this week is full of grace, if you ask for it.  I’ll be back for a bit of Holy Week reflection, but until then, go be with your family.  Turn off the electronics or turn on a movie to watch together (I particularly like dancing to nick jr stuff with my girl).  Build a tent out of chairs and blankets (I did that today too!).  Be with one another.  If Lent does anything, it reminds us that we will die one day.  Relish today as if it was your last.


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