What kind of mom are you?

In one season of America’s Next Top Model, Tyra asks the 10 or so girls what their “future goals” are, meaning what do you plan on doing when you’re done modelling?  One girl, Joanie, said she thought being a mom was a super important job.  So for the photo shoot they all got to be their future goal (typically in a highly sexualized “high fashion” manner).  Check out Joanie’s picture though.  Is this a typical mom shot?

Are we all wandering around with martinis, beautiful dresses with just the right amount of cleavage showing, a tall dark handsome husband who cleans(!!!)?  And no kids running around to add a bit of youthfulness to the picture.

I wish.  I would love to be that mom some days.  Particularly that “husband vacuuming” part.  Oh man, would I love that.

Instead, I try to take a picture and this is what happens:

Really, the only thing that makes me like the “mom” that Joanie portrayed is that I showered today.  And I put on some (light) makeup.  That’s about it.

Instead of a pretty dress, I’m wearing jeans, a (not so flattering) nursing bra, a blousy top to hide my (flabby) post-baby tummy and a sweater to keep me warm.  My hair is not styled by a professional.  It’s in need of a cut and style and the headband and lack of drying does nada for me.  My makeup is minimal, her’s is beautiful.  Instead of a martini, I hold sippy cups.  The vacuuming husband?  No where in sight.  Instead, he’s off “bringing home the bacon” at a job he really doesn’t like (a cross he bears very well, I might add) and I’m the one who is the “home manager”, “housekeeper”, “chef” and all around “Alice”.

I think my picture is better though. It’s real, it’s “gritty” and it’s quite “fierce”.  It’s fierce cause it’s real.  There’s no photshop, there are no touch ups.  And you know, a “mom” isn’t a “mom” without kids.  If you just stay at home with no kids and a cleaning husband you are lucky, but that doesn’t make you a mom.

So while I’d love those things and sometimes I might try to have them, I know my grass is pretty green.  I’d be sad if I was skinny, with no stretch marks and a martini in my hand all day.  Cause then I wouldn’t have my Gracie, my peanut.

Tell me, what kind of mom are you?  What does your picture look like?


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