7 quick takes- Grace’s birthday edition!

And now I present to you, my 7 favorite Grace Philomena memories


Giving birth.  I pushed and pushed and huffed and puffed and I didn’t quite blow down a house, but I birthed a baby.  It’s a pretty magnificent thing!


Sleeping with her on my chest on the couch.  Someone didn’t want to sleep on her back.  I couldn’t sleep unless she was sleeping. So we compromised.  Her on my chest, all nestled snug.  Me finally getting some shut eye.  It only lasted until I decided to hell with the sleeping on the back requirement.  I miss it.


Her first real smiles.  They happened during our trip to New Hampshire.   She was wearing one of my favorite outfits of hers and was just adorable there smiling at her Daddy.


When she finally nursed without the nipple shield.  That shield was both a blessing and a curse.  But boy was I glad when she finally figured out nursing on her own!


Just looking at her.  I have all these random memories of looking at her while holding her (nursing or sleeping) and I can remember telling myself “Don’t forget! You’ll want to remember this!”  Well, I suppose I do, but her face is always changing.  I don’t mind.  That’s why we have  cameras now, right?


The way she says “Daddy” right now.  It’s like “Dah-eee” and it’s the most adorable thing in the world.  It’s pretty much the only word she says too.


Her joy.  Her spirit.  This girl is so happy and passionate.  She’s gonna go places.

Happy Birthday Grace!


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