Last night featured tornado warnings, sirens going off and significant flooding here in the Detroit area.  I did not rush to the basement and hide under a mattress, but that was mainly because I didn’t want to wake a sleeping baby.  Is that totally awful?

It was all a-ok though, since the only actual tornado was about 3 hours later and many miles away.

I’m pretty terrified of tornadoes (although my Chris is much more scared).  Whenever I’m going through a rough and stressful time my dreams usually feature me trying to get everyone to safety as multitudes of tornadoes touch down and the only shelter has tons of windows.

And while I haven’t been around here lately, it hasn’t been because of a stressful season in life.  Rather, things have been cruising along quite nicely.  And I took great advantadge of that and spent time with my family and really rested and rejuvinated.  Yes, I’m not a pro blogger who used to blog every day and has a huge audience, but eveyrone needs a season of rest!

But now summer is approaching and things are kicking up a notch and I have that writing bug!  So here are my plans for the summer:

  • I am stage managing the family theater show, The King and I, at the civic theater.
  • I will be trying out monthly menu plans as well as some freezer cooking (look out for posts on that!).
  • I will be moving about 15 minutes away, which puts me within a 30 second drive of my parents house.
  • I will be starting a series on here.  It’s a very ambitious real life project and something that will hopefully make me feel better about myself (and maybe help some other women too!).  Look for a post detailing it later this week.  I’ll give you a hint, the acronym title of the project is “SotS”.  And no, it’s not about Secretary of the State.

So now I’m off to put on an apron, wash some dishes and fold some laundry!  Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


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